As a former elementary and middle school teacher, I love working with students.  I am available for both in-person and virtual visits.

Kids are not all the same so why should my presentations always be the same?

I like to create visits that are curated to your needs and interests.  In the past, I’ve done visits on the following topics:

  • Social Studies/Science: The history of the US Space Race with special focus on Edward White’s historic first US spacewalk (The Stars Beckoned)
  • Social-Emotional Learning: Finding and following your passion in life, goal-setting and achievement (The Stars Beckoned), expressing difficult emotions (Saturdays Are for Stella, Mabel’s Topsy-Turvy Homes)
  • Writing: The Writing Life: The everyday habits of writers that you’re probably already doing
  • Reading/Writing: The Art of Inference and how to use it in your own writing (Saturdays Are for Stella)

I represented by Julie Ann Hartman with the Booking Biz. Please contact her at to coordinate an experience that is perfect for your needs.

“Keeping a group of kindergarteners entertained during virtual learning is no easy task. My students LOVED having Candy Wellins visit and talk about THE STARS BECKONED—they couldn’t stop talking about the experience!” —Ali Irizarry, Kindergarten teacher, Raleigh School District, Raleigh, North Carolina

“Candy was a joy to work with. She taught us so much about the beginning US Space program and Edward White’s life. Candy kept their attention and was available for all their questions. She sparked a research and writing bug in these kids!” —Jane Chalifoux, Third grade teacher, Smithtown Central School District, Smithtown New York

“When I the opportunity arose for Candy Wellins to visit my online classroom, it was an immediate ‘Yes please!’ She connected with the kids immediately. The writing activity was not only beneficial to my students, but also to me! My students used this strategy all year long and I hope they will continue in their writing journeys.” —Krysti Kenyon, First grade teacher, Quaboag Regional District, Warren, MA

“We were fortunate enough to host Candy Wellins for an author visit this last school year. She truly captivated with the real life story of Edward White. It’s not easy to keep the attention of young learners, and she did it with flair.  We’ll be the first in line to read all future books she writes, and schedule our next school visits!” —Alexia Haywood. School Librarian, Austin Public Schools, Austin, Texas